Friday, March 19, 2021



Daria Klemick is a resident of the greater New York metropolitan area. She is often involved in community projects, including being an active member of New York City Project Sunshine. With Project Sunshine of NYC, Daria participated as an active member from 2016 to 2020. Project Sunshine has been active for more than 20 years, with their primary focus being the service of children suffering from medical complications. Providing resources to pediatric patients and their families is the primary focus of the program. Their reach is global; however, they are based in New York. This is possible through the introduction of their TelePlay program. The TelePlay program allows Project Sunshine to orchestrate virtual engagement activities to the children virtually, broadening their ability to offer care to those in need. The TelePlay program is an interactive, engaging platform for children and teenagers across a wide range of ages. On the TelePlay platform, the participants are offered digital delivery of many activities including charades, jazz dancing, and scavenger hunts. This platform is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.




Daria Klemick, a Ukrainian dancer, actively celebrates her Ukrainian heritage through her participation in cultural activities. For millennia, dance has been a staple of Ukrainian culture. The tradition is ongoing with many dance troupes found within and outside of the country’s borders. The origins of the different dance styles vary, with some having their roots based in military practices. These military style dances serve as entertainment for spectators, while also highlighting the history of Ukrainian culture. With the practice being generations upon generations old, different forms of Ukrainian dance have developed across the regions of the country. Hopak is among the most well-known dances. With this style being performed at weddings, recitals, and most formal Ukrainian events, it has come to be known as the national dance of the Ukraine. Hopak is often included in Ukrainian operas and ballets, largely due to its 2/4-time signature and entertaining stage presence. In addition to the Hopak, energetic choreography, well-timed footwork, and intricate costumes are typical features in other forms of Ukrainian dance as well. Regional differences help identify the various forms of dance, making each unique to the location of origin. Hutsul and Kozachok are among other popular forms of dance in the country.

Headdresses of Ukraine Make an Appearance in Fashion

  Woman in Ukrainian vinok (Photography) Daria Klemick, a third generation Ukrainian American, has grown up celebrating her cultural heritag...