Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Top Attractions in Ukraine

Daria Klemick is a member of the Ukrainian community in the greater New York area. She has long dreamed of visiting Ukraine. This vacation destination is often overlooked, but it offers a wide variety of attractions that fit any traveler’s interests. With travel and stay in Ukraine being fairly affordable, it is definitely a destination worth considering for your next trip.
With a tragic and ominous history, Chernobyl is a place that has quickly became a place of interest for those looking for Dark Tourism. Dark Tourism involves visiting places where catastrophic events have taken place, such as Alcatraz Island and Pearl Harbor. For these people, Chernobyl must certainly be a dream destination. Following an explosion in 1989 in the town of Pripyat, Ukraine, the town was evacuated fearing the radiation exposure and became a ghost town. It was not until recently that people have overcame the fear of the radiation and began to explore the abandoned buildings and homes in the town. A full day can be made out of the trip for those staying in Kiev as it is roughly 65 miles outside of the capital. Tour guides are available to help with navigating the ghost town and explaining the deep history of the disaster. If Dark Tourism is of any interest to you, Chernobyl should become a destination on your bucket list.
If ghost town tours are not what you are looking for, St. Sophia’s Cathedral offers quite the opposite experience. The cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than three decades. It has become a top destination of tourists for its beautiful architecture and magnificent golden domes. Once entering, guests are greeted with mosaics and murals that are centuries old. For tourists looking to climb to the top of the cathedral built in 1037, the view of Kiev is said to be one of the best.
If a relaxing walk is more of what you are looking for, Ukraine’s vast sunflower fields make the perfect backdrop for a photo to memorialize your trip. Ukraine’s sunflower fields make sunflower oil one of the top exports of the country. There are plenty of options for people wishing to take a walk through these beautiful fields and photograph the beautiful sea of yellow and green.
Trips to Ukraine are on the rise and offer a wide range of options for anyone. Dark Tourism has become a growing vacation niche, and Chernobyl is a top destination for its eerie feel and deep history. The St. Sophia’s cathedral is a near 180 degree shift from Chernobyl for its beautiful artwork and spectacular views. If searching for a more general idea of what to do on your trip to Ukraine, a stop in one of the many large sunflower fields is perfect for relaxation and photography. Check out my other blogs for more information about Ukrainian traditions, food, and travel destinations.

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